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Cheetah and Gnu- Amboseli Kenya

Bit of cheetah-on-gnu action in Amboseli this weekend, but as they are successful only 30% of total attempts, this was a typical no-show & they sloped off still hungry.  I was surprised at the 2 cheetah's attempt to 'rush' this small herd of fully grown wildebeest, and it reveals the cat's ''you won't get if you don't try'' tactic. There just might have been a sick or injured laggard in the group, but not this time.

More pics to come......

Friday, January 18, 2013

Lion Honeymoon.... Masai Mara Kenya

Wildlife photographers strive to 'capture the moment'.... and I reckon there's a little bit of the paparazzi in all of us. I won't dwell on the sex life of lions; 'frequent', 'intense' and 'exhausting' should suffice.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Long-Tailed Fiscal Shrike- Nairobi Kenya

AKA the 'Butcher-bird' on account of it's habit of cleverly storing surplus prey on long thorns, the Long-tailed fiscal shrike preys on insects, small snakes and lizards.

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Kirk's dik-dik- Laikipia Kenya

Weighing in at a massive 7kg when mature, the Kirk's dik-dik prefers semi-arid lands, mates for life and has a complex 4-chambered stomach just like a cow. They are territorial, marking their area with toilet middens- piles of hard black pea-sized pellets of dung dosed with urine.

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